Saturday, March 8, 2008

to the seagull ( not the bird ! )

on the 8th of december , i looked high up the sky !

the seagull spreads his wings forever

with a pretty smile that lights up the day !

with lips ever so delicious , like konaffa !

never feel blue ! fly with your wings ever so joyful

forever happy is my wish for you

always warm , always content , with a sexy body none the less (ops!)

i had the weak knees last time ! never had it before

never did i feel so weak to a guy , only you who has touched me deep

i think i'm getting too emotional here

forever happy is my wish for you

so dumb and confused with feelings of lust and affection !!

forgive me this peom to you , surround me with your wings oh seagull

i love the way you talk , the way you walk damn your so hot baby !

forever happy is my wish for you

it is privilage being with you , showering in your aura

know peace inside your soul , calm the storms in the deep ocean of your mind

for we may not see the same picture , share the same ideas as we differ

but i will say this to you : you are special , your soul is warm

forever happy is my wish for you

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