Wednesday, March 5, 2008

a bad day .. a bad begining of a new year (not so happy birthday me!)

the day started while i was sick , late and have a big mess to sort out (that is my life and um .. exams and projects)
didn't feel like walking to class so i took my car and parked it near the class (not seeing the sign that says it isn't allowed to park in that area)
finished my class and came to find my car locked with a locking device ! (bastards couldn't they just write me a ticket ! it was 9 in the morning!)
then i went to the doctor got my medicine and notes and went back to my room , just when i was about to lay my head on the my pillow (tears on my pilow!lol) i got a phone call from my friend :
hey "...." call your friend "..." his father died ! and i felt sad for my friend !
losing your old man is never easy specially at his age .
i called him but he didn't answer , then i thought about calling my dad (i know kinda lame but people's heart are vunerable to death" i said hi and we talked for a while .
then my father said : "...." did you know? your childhood friend? the eldest of the family that used to live next door? he died on a car accident yesterday , fell asleep while driving . (three guys i know were claimed by car accident please drive safely!)
shared some nice childhood memories with him , but i haven't seen him in long time .
i still can't remember his face completely and that's what's killing me !
i feel like i forgot something important , a period in my life where i was pure and truly , ignorantly and blissfully happy !
i went to work on my report , left campus to get it printed . then i went back to my cave , i logged on my msn and chilled for abit thinking about life and how young my friend was .
my bf logged in and we started chatting , and we got into an argument not a few hours ago :(
i said things that i regret , i don't deny that i'm young and foolish .
i'm sorry dear

what a tough day ! it's 3am and i will reach 22 in three hours !!
fuck it i'm going to bed ! then wake up early to study for an exam !

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