Sunday, March 16, 2008

Analysis ! becoming the balancer :

conclusion :
"there is alot of contradiction in my life and it is clear to me now more than ever before and it used to bother but then it hit me ! i am the manifistation of human contradiction"
i went to the mosque to pray the friday prayer in jumirah a few weeks ago , with my... um ex- boyfriend , we shared a special bond (your not gonna deny that are you? )
after that we went swimming (lots of hot guys were there!lol) , after swimming and checking guys out , we went back to my ex's place fornicated abit .
we went clubbing to peppermint night club after that , saw a few frieds and was exposed to the underground gay scene here in dubai (it was cool).
then the contradiction hit me in the face while i was dancing !!
i was being like two persons !!
one who prays at the mosque , and the other shakes his booty on the dance floor !
i thought about it alot , how my actions contradicted itself .
but that is who i am !
a balancer that's what i want to be , balance things in my life to gain my own unique prespective on life .
(this post was two weeks late , sorry been busy and abit lazy )

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