Thursday, September 25, 2008

My favourite band ever !!!

i listen to alot of music , diffrent genres (classic , jazz, metal , pop...etc) , diffrent styles within a genre , i simply love music and i moved from one artist to another searching for a greatest talent of them all .
i love tarja turunen (she falls second) but kamelot with their lead singer khan is my number one muscial talent and my source of inspiration !!
this is a band that combines great and deep lyrics + great guitar talents of youngblood the lead guitarist and the others + the amazing voice talent kkan !
been listening to them play for years and released many great albums and they get better with every album they make!

to kamelot my favourite band :
i salute you !


Anastácio Soberbo said...

مرحبا ، انا احب بلوق.
فقط أكتب ما يمكن ان يترجم.
أ الحضنه من البرتغال

knight said...

thank you for viewing my profile and posting a sweet comment :)
and maybe we can use english as a language that we both understand .
huges and kisses from kuwait

Alex said...

I realy liked the band

I'm a fan of " 3 days of grace"

but kamelot are way from it

in fact I'm downloading

kamelot as I type this comment

kissies and best wishes

take care