Wednesday, February 6, 2008

The Glamour of Fame :

i saw someone famous yesterday , his name was rem koolhaas .
he's a famous architect from the netherlends , there was a confrence in ajman university and i went there with a friend. he gave a very intresting lecture as expected and when the time for questions came , i wanted to ask him a question but i was too shy because the confrence was held in a big room and there were about a 100 people in there .
i regret not asking him my question , i'll always wonder what his repsonse would have been.
when the the confrence was over people gathered around him asking to take a picture or sign a photograph like he was a hollywood star.
it is my hidden dream to achieve that kind of fame and excellence in architecture , to be adored by people like that (because people usually don't give me a second look) .
i pity myself sometimes , for being a nobody , for lacking some features i guess.
i still hope though for deeper meaning in my life , that's why i'm seeking love to warm my soul
i'll probably be never famous but i like to imagine myself a famous sucessful architect surrounded by fans and surrounded by the glamour of fame .
i really wonder where my life will take me? will i fall i love ? will my dreams come true? will i achieve something?!
i take a deep breath now , can't overthink it , don't want to overthink it .
what will happen will just happen .
oh ! the emarati soccer team just scored a goal on the kuwaiti team ! is that a coincidence? what does it mean? i switch the t.v set off now don't want to be even more upset. lol

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