Sunday, January 6, 2008

The Break up :

i see you when it snows

some crystals dancing down

from the soul to the skies

with silence as pure and unbreakable
i can see you smiling in every frozen tear
i can hear you whisper
you and i
little did we know that they were life itself
the days passing by
we both had our share in the sacrifice

once upon a time we had something beautiful

once upon a time i thought you and i

take me wherever the answer lies in the sand

show me the way as the story unfolds

there is remorse in this weary winter wonder land

show me the way as the story unfolds

bless me with a kiss across the universe

the day and night converge

and whisper my name 'till i fall asleep

tell me little lies

tell me once again it's just you and i

to you my beloved:

i will always respect and love you :)

friends forever

1 comment:

LORD.M.M said...

تحياتي شبل ..

مبروك المدونة ..

اتمنى ان تجد شخصا رائع يدللك على طريق الصواب ..

لا تحزن ..لولا النهاية لن يكون هناك بداية جديدة ..

تحياتي ..